Date   TEAM vs   TEAM LOCAL TIME Watch
September 20   Japan vs Russia   19:45 LIVE STREAM
September 21   Australia vs Fiji   13:45 Live Stream
September 21   France vs Argentina   16:15 Live Stream
September 21   New Zealand vs South Africa   18:45 Live Stream
September 22   Italy vs Namibia   14:15 Live Stream
September 22 Ireland vs Scotland   16:45 Live Stream
September 22   England vs Tonga   19:15 Live Stream
September 23   Wales vs Georgia 19:15 Live Stream
September 24   Russia vs Samoa   19:15 Live Stream
September 25   Fiji vs Uruguay   14:15 Live Stream
September 26   Italy Italy vs Canada 16:45 Live Stream
September 26   England vs USA 19:45 Live Stream
September 28   Argentina vs Tonga   13:45 Live Stream
September 28   Japan vs Ireland   16:15 Live Stream
September 28 South Africa vs Namibia 18:45 Live Stream
September 29   Georgia vs Uruguay   14:15 Live Stream
September 29   Australia vs Wales   16:45 Live Stream
September 30   Scotland vs Samoa   19:45 Live Stream
October 02 France vs USA   16:45 Live Stream
October 02   New Zealand vs Canada   19:45 Live Stream
October 03   Georgia vs Fiji   14:15 Live Stream
October 03 Ireland vs Russia   19:15 Live Stream
October 04   South Africa vs Italy   Italy 18:45 Live Stream
October 05   Australia vs Uruguay   14:15 Live Stream
October 05 England vs Argentina   17:00 Live Stream
October 05   Japan vs Samoa   19:30 Live Stream
October 06   New Zealand vs Namibia 13:45 Live Stream
October 06 France vs Tonga   16:45 Live Stream
October 08   South Africa vs Canada   19:15 Live Stream
October 09 Argentina vs USA 13:45 Live Stream
October 09   Scotland vs Russia   16:15 Live Stream
October 09   Wales vs Fiji 18:45 Live Stream
October 11   Australia vs Georgia 19:15 Live Stream
October 12   New Zealand vs Italy Italy 13:45 Live Stream
  England vs France   17:15 Live Stream
  Ireland vs Samoa   19:45 Live Stream
October 13   Namibia vs Canada 12:15 Live Stream
  USA vs Tonga   14:45 Live Stream
Wales vs Uruguay   17:15 Live Stream
  Japan vs Scotland   19:45 Live Stream
2019 Rugby World Cup The 2019 Rugby World Cup is finally here. This big event will get underway in September 20th and will be hosted in Japan for the first time. In fact, this is the first time the Rugby World Cup is being held in Asia so we believe there’s a lot to enjoy throughout the tournament till 2nd November. Now, what makes the 2019 Rugby World Cup a game changing event? Well, if you’re an avid rugby fan, I believe there’s a lot to anticipate during this year’s rugby world cup. First, the event will be held in Asia meaning there’s a lot to explore in Japan. Secondly, there’s a lot to expect especially for the likes of three-times world champions, New Zealand who will be under pressure to defend the crown. Something else to anticipate is the likes of two times winners Australia and South Africa who are tipped to frustrate the All Blacks. Finally, with teams such as England, Fiji, Scotland, Argentina, Wales, and France, the group stages as well as the knockout stages will generally be tough meaning rugby fans will have a lot to anticipate. Some Interesting Facts about the Rugby World Cup 2019 So, before we get to the nitty-gitty of the Rugby World Cup 2019, we managed to do some perusal and to our surprise, we uncovered some interesting facts about the 2019 Rugby World Cup which we’d like you to know.
  • The Rugby World Cup is held every four years with the last being held back in 2015 in England.
  • New Zealand, nicknamed the “All Blacks”, has won the title a record three times making them the team with the most wins. If they win the 2019 Rugby World Cup, they will not only have four wins but they will also maintain a streak of three successive wins of the Rugby World Cup in a row.
  • The group of death for this year’s event is likely to be Pools A and C. In Pool A, we have the likes of Ireland (ranked 1st), Russia (19), Scotland (6) Samoa (16) and hosts Japan (11). In Pool C, there are the likes of England (4), Argentina (9), USA (15), France (8) and Tonga (12).
  • Of course, the big question will be whether the All Blacks will retain the cup for a third consecutive time. But, away from that, there are other superb teams that have been making steady improvements which are worth noticing. Teams like Ireland, England, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, hosts Japan and France have made steady efforts which cannot be ignored. We also have the likes of Pacific Island teams (Tonga, Fiji, and Samoa) which also share a piece of success in previous cups.
  • The opening match will be played between the hosts Japan and Russia which will be held in Chofu, Tokyo in the Tokyo Stadium while the final match will be held at International Stadium Yokohama.
  • The tournament will be hosted in Japan’s three major Islands which are Hokkaido (located in the North), Honshu (the largest and most diverse Island between the three) and finally Kyushu (located in the South).
The Pool Draw The draw for all the four pools was done on 10th May 2017 in Kyoto. As per the custom of the Rugby World Cup, 12 nations with the highest world rankings were pooled together in bands 1, 2 and 3 leaving band 4 and 5 open to eight of the qualifying teams. As per the rules, both of these bands would consist of three Americas teams, one African team, one European team, three Oceania teams and one play-off winner. So, with that said, here’s a table with the 20 teams that qualified for the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D
Ireland New Zealand England Australia
Scotland South Africa France Wales
Japan Italy Argentina Georgia
Russia Namibia United States Fiji
Samoa Canada Tonga Uruguay
The Fixture Pool A
Date Teams Venue
20th Sep Japan vs Russia Tokyo Stadium in Chofu
22nd Sep Ireland vs Scotland International Stadium Yokohama
24th Sep Russia vs Samoa Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
28th Sep Japan vs Ireland Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
30th Sep Scotland vs Samoa Kobe Misaki Stadium
3rd Oct Ireland vs Russia Kobe Misaki Stadium
5th Oct Japan vs Samoa City of Toyota Stadium
9th Oct Scotland vs Russia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
12th Oct Ireland vs Samoa Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
13th Oct Japan vs Scotland International Stadium Yokohama
Pool B
Date Teams Venue
21st Sep New Zealand vs south Africa International Stadium Yokohama
22nd Sep Italy vs Namibia Hanazono Rugby Stadium
26th Sep Italy vs Canada Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
28th Sep South Africa vs Namibia City of Toyota Stadium
2nd Oct New Zealand vs Canada Oita Stadium
4th Oct South Africa vs Italy Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
6th Oct New Zealand vs Namibia Tokyo Stadium in Chofu
8th Oct South Africa vs Canada Kobe Misaki Stadium
12th Oct New Zealand vs Italy City of Toyota Stadium
13th Oct Namibia vs Canada Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
Pool C
Date Teams Venue
21st Sep France vs Argentina Tokyo Stadium
22nd Sep England vs Tonga Sapporo Dome
26th Sep England vs United States Kobe Misaki Stadium
28th Sep Argentina vs Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium
2nd Oct France vs United States Fukuoka Hakatanomori Stadium
5th Oct England vs Argentina Tokyo Stadium
6th Oct France vs Tonga Kumamoto Stadium
9th Oct Argentina vs United States Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
12th Oct England vs France International Stadium Yokohama
13th Oct United States vs Tonga Hanazono Rugby Stadium
Pool D
Date Teams Venue
21st Sep Australia vs Fiji Sapporo Dome
23rd Sep Wales vs Georgia City of Toyota Stadium
25th Sep Fiji vs Uruguay Kamaishi Recovery Memorial Stadium
29th Sep Georgia vs Uruguay Kumagaya Rugby Stadium
29th Sep Australia vs Wales Tokyo Stadium
3rd Oct Georgia vs Fiji Hanazono Rugby Stadium
5th Oct Australia vs Uruguay Oita Stadium
9th Oct Wales vs Fiji Oita Stadium
11th Oct Australia vs Georgia Shizuoka Stadium Ecopa
13th Oct Wales vs Uruguay Kumamoto Stadium
Wrap up Since the 2019 Rugby World Cup is being held in Asian soil for the first time, the event will presumably bring hundreds if not thousands of fans and visitors from across the globe. Since most people will be first timers, this tournament will most likely expand the perception of Japan encouraging fans to explore it beyond the major cities. So, if you’re a rugby fan looking to enjoy this major international sporting event in style, I believe you’ve seen the table and the fixtures to know where your team lies. Also, for those looking to travel to Japan, I would recommend you to create a simple itinerary for the tournament by creating some time to explore these spectacular metropolitan cities.